Why it’s Important to Frame your Art

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, framing your drawing, painting, or artwork is as important as the piece of art itself. The face that this comes last after finishing your masterpiece doesn’t in any case mean it’s less important. The framing you use on your art can either make or break your finished drawing or painting. You should choose a framing and matting that compliments your masterpiece and never tries to draw the attention of viewers away from the art itself. Learn more about the importance of framing your art with this helpful post!

Enhance your Art

As mentioned, a good frame shouldn’t get your viewers’ attention away from the masterpiece but rather complement your work. The idea is to make sure the frame and artwork work together “as one.” You can enhance the shapes and specific colors in your artwork and make it stand out by using custom framing and matting. With matting and mat boards, you can custom fit your masterpiece with unique dimensions that make it more of an extension within the frame.

Protect your Masterpiece

Drawing, coloring, and painting are interesting arts and crafts activities that enhance a person’s creativity. Whether or not you think of yourself as an artist you want to care for that painting, drawing, or piece of art properly. And the best way to preserve your artwork is to frame it. Remember all types and forms or artwork, regardless of the medium used, are bound to experience adverse changes and damage if exposed to extreme weather conditions or elements.

Framing provides protection against dirt, fumes, moisture, humidity, harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemicals, fluctuating temperatures, pests and insects, heat, and more. Consider framing using acid-free materials so your artwork can be preserved in a stable environment. Avoid hanging your works over sources of heat and placing them too close to direct sunlight and directly lights. Consider not hanging them on recently plastered and damp walls as well. Framing is a great way to protect your memories, artwork, and memorabilia.

Make your Thoughtful Gift Stand out More

Well, it’s not a bad idea to create a DIY holiday gift in form of a drawing, painting, or any other artwork. After spending hours or even days thoughtfully creating that unique gift for your loved one, go ahead and frame your art so it can stand out even more. Not only will framing complement your masterpiece but also add an entirely new dynamic to it whether it’s a painting, drawing, coloring, print, or photo.

In conclusion, framing allows your artwork to show its full potential and helps your work stand out. When selecting a frame for your work be sure to choose one that suits and matches your style. You might want to consider a suitable color and composition as well. Take your time to try different framing options before making a final choice. Think about where you intend to display your piece of art, the decoration of the space, and how you want the frame to suit the setting.